Progressive Trailer Music
redefining the possible
uncompromising quality
modern sonic art
exploring horizons
where can we go together?
infinite perspectives
journeying beyond
What is Cypher TM all about?

We're expanding the boundaries of trailer music & sound design.
Our debut release, "Worlds Beyond", radiates from a core of lyrical and melodic themes that support powerful story arcs.
With a fresh and exciting schedule planned, keep listening as we roll out our catalogue.
Our music flows through the complex spectrum of emotions, from romantic melancholy to hellhound bloodlust.
We draw sonic arcs to underline sparse moments all the way through to the apocalypse of worlds.
Story driven
Themes, melodies, lyrics, vocal textures & instrument arrangements are all woven to support storylines.
Above all, our music & sound design is about evoking what it means to be human, to feel the magic of 'being'.
Global rollout underway. If your region isn't here, contact us for access.
Contact us
All licensing enquiries should be directed to our partner in your territory. If we do not have one in your area, or you have a query not related to licensing, please send us a message.

Queensland, Australia